Why I Joined Mary Kay

So I think I have told my closest friends why I decided to join Mary Kay. And actually now that I really think about it, it (Mary Kay) had been in my life for a bit I just had never realized.

When I was a child, my mom actually attempted to do Mary Kay. It didn’t go all too well because she had just gotten to the States and really didn’t know people, nor did she speak English. Anyways, I would always go into her Mary Kay cases (it was a REALLY long time ago, they had these cute pink cases and not purses, it was really retro) and play with her makeup samples. – You can say that that is where my love for makeup began. –

She eventually gave up on the business and I never really had Mary Kay in my life for some years. The next time I heard about it I was an adult and it was through a lady from church. I didn’t pay it any mind, but she showed me the Velocity Skin Care face wash. Maybe two to three years after that, one of my good friends and now my director-to-be brought up Mary Kay to me. I wasn’t really interested at first, but I was willing to help her out… if I could get my girlfriends organized to show up.

Turns out we actually got a date down in her book, but everyone ended up backing out. I call my friend to let her know that everyone had backed out but that didn’t seem to faze her. She had the one woman she wanted to talk to about the business and that was me. Crap, I thought. I don’t really want to hear about the business…. But I went to her house. I tried the product and got convinced to join.

One thing I didn’t mention about my mom and her experience with Mary Kay, it left a really bitter taste in her mouth with regards to this type of business. She told me growing up to never join this type of business. It wasn’t worth it…

So now you know what I was beginning to think when I finished signing up, how was i going to tell mom… I felt like she could go one of two ways: kill me or disown me with the excuse of plain stupidity and disobedience. But she didn’t, instead she was very understanding and very encouraging. She is now my biggest cheerleader. She knows my friend and said she could probably convince me to sell rocks and I would end up agreeing. Haha. She’s probably right though. And so, I began my journey with Mary Kay with my mom’s blessing.

Now, the same night I had signed up, I was thinking of what all I could do with that money; pay off my school loans, pay for an apt, help my mom out with bills, travel the world without care (ahem.. let me clarify… KOREA, CHINA…. ASIA), shop (purses and sneakers are my weakness), buy a car…. a house… etc. God literally spoke to me as I was talking about all I could do while getting into her car to head back to my room, “Lilian, this is for the ministry I have put in your heart.” Oh. Right. That’s a lot of money.

It’s like we’re dancing, I have to keep taking you back but it’s the only way I can get you to understand my story. Like I said, God gave me a vision. It’s a HUMONGOUS vision. One that will take a lot of money, connections, and traveling (I’m actually really excited about all of this) to reach youth and also to provide a safe environment for them to enjoy themselves and learn and grow in Christ. It’s a vision that has been in the works for the last couple of years and I’m super pumped about it. Right now, the plan is to do this in all of America (as in both continents) and Asia, with special attention to Asia. Asia is one of the least reached places on the earth and with some of the highest suicide rates among teenagers. God has placed a great burden for these places.

My business is not solely for myself, but for those young people. I want to do this right, and God has already decided that my money, sweat, tears, and life are going to go into this ministry. This isn’t about me. It’ll help me meet people with connections, it’ll help me build the ministry financially. I’m excited about being able to put my money in for this ministry and I’m excited to become financially free. I hate the thought of living check to check.

On the other more shallow end, I absolutely love makeup. I love playing with it and seeing what I can do to change myself if I so wish to. I love being able to correctly emphasize a woman’s best features (which I think it is the eyes… the door to a woman’s soul) and how to hide little skin imperfections. I don’t believe in caking on makeup (it just makes a woman look worse, not better). I love the Time Wise skin care line for Mary Kay. I tried it once I got my purse with $450 worth of free stuff and I loved it!

It feels good to have a customer walk away happy for taking the time to pamper her/him (I have guys who buy products and even they love it!). I love sharing my tips and secrets for cutting down makeup time or to enhance or cover something up. As much as it’s an unselfish business, having it fill me with joy makes it SLIGHTLY selfish. hehe.

So you see, I don’t pretend to use my friends, but have them involved in helping me get to where God wants me. I adore my friends and family and wouldn’t want business to come in between. It’s okay if my friends don’t want to try the products I ask them to, or talk about my business. I love them regardless the business “no”‘s I get. This is important for me to say because I don’t ever want my friends and family to think of me as using them for their money. Being a part of Mary Kay has actually helped me make friends and connections with men and women that I wouldn’t have had had I not started doing Mary Kay.

With much love. ❤


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