Product Review: TimeWise Skin Care Set

Hey there everyone! Welcome to my very first product review! I’m excited to tell you guys about the products I sell and why I’m passionate about them after trying them myself. Today, I’ll be reviewing the TimeWise Skin Care Set. I will admit that previously to becoming a consultant, I had not used this product, but since signing up I have used this product and can compare it to almost everything out there when it comes to trying to clear my skin.


So maybe I should give you a summary of my skin history for you to fully understand why I absolutely love this product and how I know that this works.

I started having skin problems before entering my official teen years. It had always been bad. My skin growing up was always breaking out constantly. You know those photoshopped photos of teens on acne ads?? That was my skin naturally growing up…. except worse – much worse. I have tried proactive, clean&clear, nuetrogena, store generic types, and I don’t know how many other products and nothing worked. In middle school, I had had enough of my skin just looking horrible and being made fun of for it, that that’s when I started playing with makeup. I, of course didn’t know how much I was making matters worse because I didn’t properly know how to rid my face of the makeup at night. In high school, my hormones settled some and I got a lot better at applying makeup and getting it off at night. Unfortunately, that was only a small improvement. I really wish I had a picture of me back then that shows how bad my skin was, but I think I got rid of them all in high school and beginning of college.

Fast forwarding to college, I still had pretty bad skin but I learned to cover most of it well with makeup. It didn’t look all smooth, but it was better than showing my bare skin. Before I started using Mary Kay, I was using clean&clear and it was doing alright job but it wasn’t fully helping my skin out like I was hoping.

Now, I’ve been using the timewise skin care set almost three months and I’m perfectly okay going to events with very little (meaning mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick/lipgloss and maybe shading in my eyebrows) to no makeup and feeling confident about how I look. Of course I still break out and that’s the state of my hormones, but I have finally found a product that helps give me confidence. It’s great!


This is me a couple weeks ago at a church picnic. All I’m wearing is mascara, a bit of eyeliner, and my eyebrows are shaded in.

Of course, my skin still has a long way to go before being completely clear, but I’m on my way! The journey there is still long, but way shorter than if I had stayed away from using this product.

I will have to look through some old pictures to show you just how bad my skin was, but for now you’ll have to take my word for it. This product REALLY works. It’s a bit pricey, but let’s be honest you probably spend a whole lot more if you have bad skin to have only half the improvement I’ve had with timewise.

Let’s move on to the facts. Did you know you age 13 DAYS every night you don’t wash your face? Yup. Your heard right. 13 days. You must wash your face twice a day to keep it clean and young. When you don’t wash your face at night, you keep all the bacteria, makeup, and toxins from the air that came in contact with you throughout the day on your skin. You rub it on your pillows and so it stays on your pillows as well. You rub and rub your face through out the night just making matters that much worse! When you wake up you need to wash your face. Why? When you sleep, all the dead skin cells come off on your pillow (remember rub rub rub) and you have drool. You also need to prepare your skin in the morning for the day because it’ll come in contact with bacteria, toxins, makeup, and UV rays.

There five essential steps to keep your skin healthy:

1. cleanse twice a day to remove makeup and impurities
2. exfoliate to remove dead surface cells that dull the skin
3. freshen to refine pores as well as tone
4. moisturize to hydrate the skin to help keep it soft and smooth
5. protect your skin from the environment.

The set’s cleanser combine anti-aging with three essential functions in one product to cleanse, exfoliate and freshen – revealing younger-looking skin*. The night solution has beads that have vitamins and antioxidants combined with collagen-enhancing peptides that help face away deep lines and wrinkles*. The day solution is sunscreen to protect your skin. The moisturizer is an emollient-rich lotions that combines the actions of 10 hours of hydration and a patented complex to accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process, revealing firmer, smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles*.

This should not take you long to do. Honestly. You can take two minutes everyday to take care of your skin. First, you use the cleanser to wash your face. You will only need a dime size amount to rub onto your face. Pat your face dry, do not rub it dry.

Second, depending on if it’s morning or night you will again pump a tiny amount on your fingers and put it on your face. The night solution is the clear bottle and the day solution is the pink bottle.

Lastly, you will apply the moisturizer. Again use a small amount.

Now you’re done! Ready to either walk out the door or head right to bed. THAT EASY AND THAT FAST!

Now remember that this works even better if you keep yourself hydrated (water, not alcohol, sodas, juices), keep a balanced diet (keeping away from high fat foods also keeping active), and a proper sleep schedule (don’t sleep to little if you can help it). Keeping yourself healthy makes your skin happy and with this product your face will just be that much happier.

The set is $90 and it lasts honestly more than three months if you alone are using it. There is a set for normal/dry skin and a set for combination/oily (what I use). If you don’t know what type you are let me ask you some questions: Does your t-zone get oily throughout the day? Is your skin usually flaky year around or is there no shine? If you said yes to the first question, you need the set for combination/oily and if you answered yes to the second question then you need the set for normal/dry.

Let me give you some more reasons to love MaryKay. If you buy this product and at any point you see it doesn’t work or it’s giving you a reaction, Mary Kay will let you return the product to your consultant for a 100% refund.

If you would rather not have to buy the product or be able to get it at half price in the future, become a Mary Kay consultant TODAY! for $100+tax you get both sets, samples of makeup, foundation (liquid or powder), mascara, and samples of some of our other popular products for free with a gorgeous bag!


So you decide, are you ready to work on your skin?? Are you ready to walk confident in YOUR OWN SKIN? Are you ready to be confident to walk around outside your house WITHOUT MAKEUP?? Take a chance with Mary Kay. Take a chance with the TimeWise skin care set. It will change your life! If you’re ready for it, and you don’t know anyone who sells Mary Kay around you, feel free to order from my page I would love to become your consultant and hear your story. Remember, you are the only one keeping yourself from having beautiful skin.

* – product descriptions


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