Review: Satin Lip Set

Hey ladies and gentlemen~! It’s time for our monthly review~~~~. This time around I think I’ll review something that the guys in our lives can also and are more willing to use. The Satin lip set is next up. 🙂 Let’s get started!


Okay, So let’s begin what this is supposed to do. It is a set of two items, the mask and the balm. The mask is supposed to remove the dead skin cells and the balm is going to moisturize your lips.

I personally love this product. I know that I say that about the Mary Kay products that I’ve reviewed, but guys… GUYS~! This company only comes out with nothing but the best.

The mask is great and simple. You apply, rub and wipe off. Easy as that. Now, here is where I have some trouble because either you can be someone who rubs too hard or too light. The bottle says that one should rub the mask for a whole two minutes. I think that depending on how hard you rub and how much you put on, it can change the time. I had a guy friend who tried it and he had heavy fingers to say the least. ^^ If I had had him do it for a whole two minutes, he would’ve had bleeding lips. Hehe. I also had another guy friend who was not as harsh when using the mask, but he didn’t need the two minutes either. So either way, I would say use discretion and not be to too to the bottle or the instructions.

Anyways, this product is simple and fool proof. It leaves your lips soft and feeling amazing. After you’ve applied the balm (though at first it seems like you’ve put on too much, trust me you haven’t) after a couple minutes your lips are soft and not greasy or shiny. With this product there really is no such thing as too much. Whether you put on one thin coat or a thousand coats, your lips will soak up the ingredients and in no time you will not feel it at all. Instead you will feel like you have the best looking and feeling lips in the world. Not kidding. Hehe.

Just like the Timewise facial set I reviewed earlier, it’s meant to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, protect and finish. Just like the facial set, it is not meant for you to take long with. Honestly, two to three minutes is still too long for this process. I have seen some pretty interesting hydrating products on the market and some just seem like they are not as simple.

I have a little confession on the topic of this product. When I am showing a product to my possible clients or faithful clients, I love to show this product. Why? BECAUSE YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE AUTOMATICALLY. Especially to those that are in a relationship because when I do they either want their partner to try the product or they’re dying to try out their satin lips out…. if you know what I mean. ^^# I love showing this product to guys because it also starts a conversation on how to take care of your skin.

Really, I love this product. I’ll have to revise this post in a day or two with pictures of before and after shots of people’s lips (in other words, go find my guy friends with dry lips. ^^)

Remember to visit my Mary Kay website, check out my youtube channel, shoot me an email if you want more information or to make an order, check out my instagram for pictures of my makeup days.

Stay Beautiful~~ 🙂


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