From Someone Looking To Be A Soul Winner

I’ve grown up with lots of people in my immediate circle not being believers and praying for their souls with all my heart. Having decided to dedicate my life to ministry and spreading the Gospel, there are things that I can not let pass.

A bit of my back story, I grew up with my mom being a believer and my dad being completely against church and Catholic only by name. My mom rededicated her life and started taking my sister and I to church. We both became believers. My dad didn’t agree with it, but didn’t really get in our way. After having become a believer myself, I took to praying for my father’s salvation. How long did it take? 12 years. I have fervently prayed for him and so have others in my close circle. Why did it take so long? A cold heart, lies and bad testimonies from my fellow brothers and sisters. I am incredibly happy with the outcome. He became a believer about a year and a half before his passing.

Now with that said, I have become incredibly sensitive with nonbelievers. Now my sister’s boyfriend is the person that our family is praying for the most. They have a precious daughter that we all love and we’ve been trying for over two years now have her dedicated with no success. I agree that my little girl’s situation is not IDEAL for believers to accept, but NO ONE IS PERFECT! They are trying their best to provide a more permanent situation. They do want to eventually get married and are working towards doing so, but DEMANDING that as a “pastor” or “deacon” is wrong. Why? Because like everyone, people aren’t perfect. It’s wrong to demand someone to do something because it pleases you to have them do it right away. Who goes to church? BROKEN PEOPLE NOT PERFECT PEOPLE.

My sister’s boyfriend has questions regarding God and the faith and even the people that God used, which to me is amazing progress~! BUT it isn’t the only thing he is curious about, same goes for any non believer. They watch our lives, they listen to what we say and if that matches our lifestyles.

When we deal with nonbelievers we have to be extremely careful. Especially if they are willing to listen. They need proof that we are not the same. They need to see that there is really a difference. Which is why being a teacher of the Word or holding high leadership in the church carries even MORE weight on a person. We (I include myself) can’t play with a person’s life and emotions. LIFE IS NOT A GAME! We need to be careful of what we say, do, post on SNS, and how we go about things. Yes, we are not perfect and yes we make mistakes, but NO we don’t need to rest on that fact. If our goal is to spread the Gospel and win souls, we need to be smart about it. I’m not saying winning people with lies, I’m saying be honest. It’s like building a client list for a business, we need to use the product and be passionate. We need to be honest if we want them to stick around and keep buying from us because they will know if we’re lying and they will not return.

So with all this said, as a family we are at a crossroad. We were told that my niece would be dedicated this Sunday, but now it comes that it was all a lie. My sister’s boyfriend asked for the day off, I did so as well. My sister, though a believer doesn’t think the higher ranked leadership is credible and honestly… I’m starting to feel the same. My poor baby doesn’t know anything about what’s going on and neither would we want her to. Can you imagine the feeling of not being wanted or made feel that she shouldn’t have been born at that tender age? Can you imagine having people making you feel that way at your age? This isn’t a good testimony for my sister’s boyfriend.

I implore all my fellow believers, LET’S BE REAL. YOU’RE NOT PERFECT. So don’t make others feel like they have to be. A child has no fault for the parents’ mistake. To dedicate a child is not only a blessing for the child, but for those around the child to see the projection of God’s love and truth. If a nonbeliever parent is willing to have her/his daughter/son dedicated (which in itself is a promise to God that they will raise the child as God mandated) that is a huge step that should not be taken lightly.


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