Back To The Drawing Board

I’ve been thinking about what to write after my last blog post. I know I’ve rattled some cages with the post. Trust me it’s not anything new. Though my last blog was nothing big or bad, people get easily rattled when the truth or something they have no thoughts about comes up. I can already sense the coldness, “death” stares and judging coming my way and it doesn’t faze me. I like it when people start using their brains and go to Scripture to look things up. I like people to talk with truth and honesty and have a brain of THEIR OWN. It’s not always a bad thing to rattle some cages. I guess what I’m also saying is that the previous post is a good conversation starter for believers and non believers alike.

This post actually doesn’t rattle any body’s anything. Just a post on something more pertinent to my personal life than anything else that I’m willing to share. I’ll do more rattling in the future though.

Lately I’ve had to return to the drawing board more than a handful of times to give my life some sort of plan. Something. Anything. School is on hold for the time being, finding a good paying job without a college degree in my area didn’t really happen, found a part time job that isn’t going to pay a whole lot but will help me hone my retailing skills… It’s not what I was really hoping for. But no worries, something will work out. Besides ministry opportunities. That, I have more than luck for, God has thrown me into ministry as easily as ever. I’m more involved in ministry than earning money to get back to school.

So what have been my previous plans that have miserably failed? Let me list them for you…

1. Stay in Lynchburg to finish out my lease with some new roommates and work in the area

2. Stay in Lynchburg on my own with no roommates and work for LU until I can get myself back to finish school

3. Come home and find a full time job with benefits

4. Come home, work full time, and go to community college in the Spring or latest during the Summer

5. Come home and find a well paying job (part time, full time, over time, whatever. haha)


6. Come home, work, take Summer and Spring classes at community college, then apply to transfer to GWU (not telling you for what though :P)

It’s okay. It’s really just a couple of minor setbacks. Right now I am just helping out my sister with my niece for the majority of the week for free…. And doing ministry work…. Oh and doing youtube and Mary Kay.

What’s my new plan? Good question. I’m still playing around with some possibilities. I know that I do want to learn something while I wait to go back because otherwise my brain will turn to mush. I might go to Paul Mitchell and then work at a hair salon while doing a bit of everything else until I have enough to get back to finish up my degree… I might just try again to see if I can find something to do with the school county (though that doesn’t pay nearly enough as well).

So like you can see, I’m still kind of doodling ideas for the next plan. As of now, I think I’ll stick to this job that I wasn’t really looking for and see how it goes. I definitely don’t plan to have that be my only job because that’ll definitely not get me anywhere to finishing my degree, but for now it’s a start. A rough start, but a start non the less.


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