Prayers For South Korea

I’m usually just barely up to date with news and especially international news, but I’m purposefully keeping up to date with what’s happening in one developing news. It makes me incredibly sad to hear something like this and I understand the parents’ anger and hope.

As most if not all of you know, South Korea is suffering a lot from the recent news of a ferry sinking that was heading to Jejudo. This happened on April 16, 2014 when a ferry began sinking about 12 miles from the Korean mainland. 450+ people were aboard including crew and high school students where the destination was a resort on Jeju Island. From what cnn and other news resources are saying when this ferry starting sinking, the passengers were told to put on life vests and stay put where they were.
As of what I’ve heard in the latest American news as of now, 25 have been confirmed dead and about 270 passengers are still missing. Most having been high school students, this story is taking a real tragic turn. According to the news, it has also been said that some of the families of those missing are still hoping that there will be survivors in the boat’s air holes while in the water.
Apparently the captain was able to get away and is being held for the progress of the investigation.
There is a lot of speculation as to why they would tell the passengers to stay put where they were and not go to the deck and seek a way off. Which honestly in my opinion would have been the smartest thing to do… but obviously not every detail has been made public.
For now families and friends along with surviving classmates are waiting at the shoreline waiting for news and more (hopefully) survivors.
It’s sad to hear of this and realize that kids that had their lives ahead of them are now either confirmed dead or still missing. As a lover of Korean people, culture, language and just humanity, I can’t help but cringe and hope for the best. It’s sad what is going on and incredibly tragic.
I ask that my fellow brothers and sisters join in prayer over this tragedy. It’s not something that’s in the news every day and it’s not something we want happening for any body. There’s a lot of heartbreak, anger, frustration and also hope for the parents and other relatives that can’t do anything but wait for news about their family member.

*This post is based on an American news update seen around 8 pm eastern standard time. And some news information was also gathered from a cnn broadcast in the 16th of April around 8:30 pm.*


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