Being Single: 5 Steps To Contentment

I realize that many girls and guys out there are having a hard time with just living life without a love interest, but honestly it’s not as hard as you think to change that mindset. So here’s my short list on how to get  to the stage of contentment…. which I should explain doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be in a relationship now or ever, but that you are just happy if you have someone or not and that it doesn’t bother you.

1. Decide that you want to stop being desperate or feel pressured to find a boyfriend/girlfriend: Honestly, this is the most important step. It helps you be able to DO SOMETHING about how you currently feel.

2. Admit that you do eventually want to be in a relationship: Just because you want to be happy about being single doesn’t mean that you know that you should be single for the rest of your life (or maybe you do… everyone is different). It just means that if it doesn’t come now it’s okay.

3. Surround yourself with single people: No, not to find or search for a love interest but just simply to be around people who are in the same stage as you (meaning single… DUH).

4. Surround yourself with happy single people: You definitely need to have some of this type in your inner circle. The more you have the faster you will realize that there a world out there of friends and platonic relationships that can sometimes have a deeper meaning than a relationship at this time in your life.

5. Pray for your future relationships: Meaning, pray for your future spouse which is where you technically want to end up if you want to date… I mean really… Pray for what you want in a man/woman and pray for their happiness while you both are still waiting for the time to know each other is the one you want to live the rest of your lives with.


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