My Go To Work Happy Playlist Part One

I have a list of songs that I listen to now a days that isn’t necessarily a happy song, but they are mostly upbeat tempos and when I’m blasting music on my way to work… it just makes me happy. I listen to a good mix of pop and hip hop along with earlier 2000 music with some new music. My list contains some English, Spanish, and Korean. Here’s the first part of my list!

Number One: The one and only dynamic duo! This Korean based duo is simply always releasing amazing music. They are at my top of my list of hip hip artists! Their song that has literally been on repeat in the mornings is “Return of the Kings” or “진 격의 둘”. Another one of their songs is “Three Dopeboyz” ft Zion T (who will be mentioned in part two of my Playlist artists and their songs).  Check out the song and go ahead and listen to their music. Honestly great artists! (Also, if you’re into Korean Variety check them out in the new season of “The Human Condition” or “인간의 조건”.)

Number Two: Another Korean artist on my list is Jun Hyosung! She just came on the scene with her new solo project. This artist is a part of a girl group named “Secret” who is popular as a part of the Hallyu Wave. Her song and choreography for her solo debut is extremely catchy! I cannot get enough of it. Good Night Kiss is just one of those songs that brings up your mood with some  added bits of good dub step.

Number Three: Let’s stick a Hispanic Artist here to make a break among my Korean artists…. Maite Perroni. Hehe. This singer was first a part of a very popular group back in the early 2000’s “RBD”. This group came about from a telenovela that was truly aimed at a young generation of latinos. Later, this band broke up but she continued to act and then came back on the music scene with some solo work. I have two of her songs on my playlist: “Ojos Divinos” ft. Koko Stambuk and “Tu y Yo”. “Tu y Yo” has a bachata feel to it and is very danceable.

Number Four: This next artist also came about a singing career through a telenovela (which is one of my favorites, a fairytale taking place in Mexico “Lola, Erase Otra Vez”) and then went on to release this next song on the playlist. Eiza’s song, “Te Acordaras de Mi” is definitely an upbeat song, but I think for me its draw factor is the meaning of the lyrics. Basically it’s a song about throwing a guy to the curb because of his player like tendencies, but reminding him that he will always remember her for it.

Number Five: I just discovered this group through a Korean variety show actually and I fell in love! Clean Bandit’s “Heart on Fire” and “Rather Be” have the same feel in their sound, but totally catchy in their own right. This band is from the UK and that’s about all I know about them.

Okay… So I have more songs on my playlist, but I think I need to take it easy on this so I’m going to keep dishing out my Go To Work Happy playlist little by little seeing as most have more than one song on my playlist. In the meantime enjoy these artists’ music and if you have any recommendations, please let me know. 🙂 I am open to most music and always looking for new music to add to my library.

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