Summer Makeup Haul: Urban Outfitters

Guys~! I recommend these products! I’ve spent some time using these products and they feel great on the skin and smell amazing!

The So Cool Eye Stick works amazingly! Especially on days where I haven’t gotten much sleep and just need my eyes to look and feel more alert. I apply it right before I put on any eye makeup.

The Pocket Bunny Moist Mist is also amazing. Does not my skin leaving oily like many American beauty products. I also apply this before applying any makeup and before heading out when I don’t wear any makeup out.

The TomatoX massage pack smells great guys~! I just tried it on the other night after filming this video, and I was so upset that I hadn’t tried it years earlier! I realize that this mask is great to do before I have to head somewhere important the next day. It leaves the skin looking even and the pimples less red. I have scars from my acne in my teenage years and this mask made them look less harsh.

The Rice Mask from Skin Food was pretty awesome as well. It was softer than the Tony Moly mask and a lot more gentle. I will totally be using this mask a bit more often just because of the texture of the mask and how it didn’t feel as harsh on the skin. It’s grainy in the sense that it has what I can only imagine would be rice bits.

So guys try them out for yourself. I totally recommend these products. Also, if anyone has tried the golden egg from Tony Moly please let me know your experience with it. I’m hoping that that will be in my next purchase. Last but not least, Click Here to go straight to Urban Outfitter’s direct site to look at the Korean products they have.


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