Coffee Date: Makeup Ramblings

Hi All!!

As you know, I got into youtube to share how I did my makeup because people asked me way too many times about it. In a new series on my youtube channel I am sharing my personal thoughts about tutorials and using the exact same techniques to any face shape. Seeing a coworker apply the same techniques (in a slightly more amateur manner) that I use to apply makeup made me realize that sometimes we as students of makeup techniques and I, as a youtuber need to remind myself that not all techniques are meant for every shape. It’s a bit of a sensitive topic seeing as what I do is show how to achieve certain looks and many viewers of any beauty guru on youtube will want to imitate the look exactly. I say though, why not take it as inspiration to do a similar look on yourself  and not disregard your own face shape. That’s it!

If you agree let me know, if you disagree let me know and why.

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