Cyrano Agency Movie vs. Drama

I know…. I’m a little late to this show, but I like to binge watch dramas and if there’s a movie, I need to watch it first if it came out before the series. I’m seriously neurotic about these things. Well I decided to give my two cents. Which honestly is filled with amazingness.

By the way… I literally just finished this drama (finished it in a little over 24hrs) and I feel empty (those who binge watch like I do will most likely know the feeling).


Let’s begin with the movie… I have to say that I was amazed by the casting. They did a really great job. What caught my attention to this movie was my never ending curiosity. Let me explain, these past two or three years, I have done nothing but binge watch variety shows. I was able to catch the majority of the second season of 1 night and 2 days ( 1박2일) when it was airing. That season had Uhm Tae-woong whom I had never seen any of his movies. So when I saw he was the lead for this Rom-Com I decided to give it a shot. Halfway through the movie I saw that Park Shin-hye… yes I know that was slow of me… was in it as well. Also, Choi Daniel makes an important appearance in this movie… well more like his character was the second male lead.

The movie of course was cut for time, so it didn’t really have all of the individual stories in detail, but one really got the sense of romanticism and desperation (to some degree). The movie was a lot more focused on the story of Lee Byeong-Hoon who was in charge of the agency and his story with his ex-girlfriend whom had left him some time before. It’s a crazy merry-go-round as he tries to get her back while “helping” his customer get his message across. The movie is well written and it definitely gives you a surprise at the end of the movie. Without giving any spoilers out, a rom-com must end with a happy ending if not a semi-happy one. It doesn’t end up working out with his ex, but you end up seeing the better match for him that you might not have expected.

The Cyrano team could have had a bit more of a back story, for example how they got there, why they became part of the team, etc. Even Shin-hye’s character doesn’t have a back story and she’s the second female lead! That would have been nice to see, but like I mentioned before they were cut for time. Overall, this was a good movie and I enjoyed it to the fullest. It has become one of my favorites and in a weird way, I very much appreciated seeing his willingness to fight to get her yet fighting to figure out what was best for her.


Now the series… can I just say that even though I know there’s a lot of good-looking actors in a single drama for literally almost every drama… this one had me going “Oh. My~~~.” The cast was incredibly good-looking and the guest appearances, more than anything were incredibly refreshing. So in this version we have the talented Lee Jong-hyuk, SNSD member Choi Sooyoung, the stunningly gorgeous Lee Chun-hee, and pretty boys Hong Jong-hyun and Cho Yoon-woo. So to name a few of the guest appearances that I managed to catch was Running Man’s Lee Kwang Soo, actor Im Wonhee, Shinee’s Lee Taemin, actress Lee Yoon-Ji, and probably my favorite actor Gong Yoo! I do have to say that what turned me off about this drama when I first saw that they were airing it was honestly the SNSD member. Don’t get me wrong, the girls are great at what they do, but the only one that I had seen really in dramas was Yoona so I definitely had a prejudice. To say the least I was pleasantly surprised by her acting. 🙂

The story for the series was nicely detailed for each character. Of course they had a lot more time that they could play with. There was a nice mystery to this story too that I did not expect. This story varies a lot from the original script from the movie. For one, there was a lot more of a story line created for those on the Cyrano Agency team. It was nice to see what the character was really like outside of the company and how they added to the company in that sense. It was also nice to see that the story of Seo Byung Hoon (the male lead, the director of the agency, producer of the cyrano theater) was not revolved over some past love, though there was a character that played his first love… His story was more about him and his friend with the theater than him and his first love – even though she played a part in his story with the theater. This version also had a character that would give Byung Hoon a run for his money when it came to the female lead, Gong Min Young. The second male lead is the “Master” who also has a story that Gond Min Young slowly finds out about. “Master” is also connected to the lead without the lead knowing.

It was especially nice to see the production team for this drama bring in celebrities to play special roles. I think the one that really caught me off guard – in a good way – was Gong Yoo! These actors/celebrities became part of the story and it was nice to see. Not to mention it was a nice surprise for those who don’t know anything about the drama (like myself).

Overall, the movie and drama were both great! I thoroughly enjoyed both. I do think that for me the drama might’ve been a bit more enjoyable just because I like to know backstories. I like more detail in stories (as long as they provide information about the character without it getting boring). The movie is still one of my favorites and from the short time since I first watched it, I have watched it again and again a handful of times.

I hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂 Definitely watch the movie and drama. You’ll love it, especially if you’re a hopeless romantic like myself. I’ll leave the links down below where you can watch them with English Subtitles.

The Movie: Cyrano Agency

The Drama:: Dating Agency: Cyrano   The Drama:: Dating Agency: Cyrano



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