Dynamic Duo – Return of the Kings (진격의 거인 둘)

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics


Before climbing the stairs, I take a few moments of meditation or prayer
I calm my heartbeat and go on top of the stage
I hypnotize myself to become a gangster or a beast
Putting insanity inside my eyes
A battle of the nerves with a crowd of hundreds or thousands of people
After winning it, I let my voice with the beat out in the air in a mix down
After spilling out anger, pain, love and fun, there’s an encore
One song, if it feels good, maybe a few more – the endorphin explodes
My eardrums become deafened by eating too much of the crowd’s roar
When everyone jumps, I engrave the bone-chilling spiritual interaction
But I still haven’t completely overcome my panic disorder
I don’t work in two jobs, I just go on one path
And the realization I get from that is like a desert caravan…

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