Review: Tony Moly Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner

Time for another review!

Hi All~!! So, if you have been around since the beginning or you have been around my blog and snooped on what I’m about, you would know that at one point I took it upon myself to review Mary Kay products. I decided that I would branch out and review other products that I have recently tried and/or loved.

Today I decided to review the Tony Moly Crystal Tear Glitter Eyeliner. Tony Moly is a Korean brand that is now carried on the urban outfitters website and in some stores, Sephora, and recently I saw Ulta beginning to carry products. If all else fails they do have branches in the US and a US website. Although these American stores do carry Tony Moly, you will not find a ton of their products there. I got this product at the local Tony Moly store (I need to go back to buy more!!!).

I’ve been using this product for about a month and a half and I still love this product. If you have seen my most recent tutorial, you will see for yourself just how I personally use it. I will go into that later… Just in case you haven’t been around my other posts. 😉

Automatically, my first impression was that this was incredibly pigmented!! Because of the Korean makeup style, I thought that this was going to be on the more sheer side without much payoff, but boy was I wrong!! It looks gorgeous as a tear duct highlight. I do tend to layer it just because I like the extra attention to that part of the eye. Usually I’ll put a highlighter and then on top place this on the tear duct.



Swatching the product, you can see the quality of the product. It dries pretty fast and it’s hard to take the product off. The glitter DOES NOT move. I was really glad to see that the glitter did not flake off, and that it indeed stayed put to the tear duct.

Below, you will see me trying it as an actual eyeliner. On is the liner by itself and the other is with black eyeliner underneath. I personally found it streaky and not to my liking. Maybe if I had waited for it to dry completely before drying, it would’ve looked nice… But it did not convince me as anything else than to highlight the inner corner of the eye. I will keep trying different methods of applying it, to see what it can do. I have seen pictures of others wearing it to accentuate the aegyo sal (애교살) which is the skin below the eye that puffs out. In Western thinking it is the dark circle/bag area. If you look at the bottom two pictures of the photo below, you will see the little pillow of skin below the eye when I look up or directly at the camera. I have yet to try wearing it there, but I’ll probably be trying it soon for an updated video I hope to put out soon.


I was pleasantly surprised by the tip of the liner and how manageable it is to work with. It has a nice fine point to it and that allows for a precise application without making it look messy. Not only that, but it allows for the option of using it to create a fine point to the inner eye as some would with black eyeliner.


Maybe one of the most important things I should probably add is value and options. This product values at $12 for 5ml. It comes in three options: white, silver and pink.  To purchase the product online, you can click here for USA residents.


I hope this was useful for you! Getting into Korean makeup can be scary and I hope that I can be of some help with the few products I own.

Until next time,




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