My Style: Then and Now

Style is meant to change. It’s something we can have a lot of fun with or dread. I personally didn’t care what I looked like as long as I was comfortable. My friends can attest to it! Now though… my style has changed drastically.

The past couple of years my style has changed drastically and it continues to change as I get more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve realized that as my body changes and the more mature I get, the less I care about what other people think of me. My purpose right now is to live a meaningful life and though I love clothes and makeup and fashion, my life doesn’t revolve around being someone to please others.

I’ve lost weight and gained weight over the past two and a half years. Because it’s changing, I do need to buy clothes that will fit me better. While I was out shopping on my day off (about six months ago) I realized just how much my tastes had changed compared to the clothes that were [un]fortunately thrown away at the end of 2013.
During the first two years of college I hated anything fancy or feminine. I hated shorts, skirts, dresses, blouses, cardigans, high heels and flats. I would only be seen in sweats, jeans, t – shirts and hoodies. At the University where I went students are not allowed to wear sweatpants or pajama pants to classes. So what would this poor soul of mine do?? Change out of jeans as soon as I would walk into my room and if I was meeting a friend later that evening… well I’d wait to see if I felt like changing back into jeans (which was more no than yes). I thought that being comfortable and “stylish” were on the opposite ends of the spectrum and I always preferred comfort.

During my second and third year at University, my friends began nagging me more and more about how I dressed. To the point that even at the dinner table in the dining hall my friends would ask me why I came out the way I did. It was getting frustrating but I knew that they meant no wrong. Even my mom, one summer around this two years told me to start dressing better. The end of their arguments was always, “how do you expect to date or to catch a guy’s attention like that?” Or something along those lines… I didn’t care about attention. I have always thought of myself as the wallflower. Not wanting to get any attention and live my life calmly.
Soon I started to get interested in Korean culture and was caught up in the kpop scene. One of my Korean friends started teaching me Korean and soon invited me to go to her church. When I finally made it the following year, I started worrying about how I dressed. The new friends I had started making dressed so well and feminine. Even the majority of the guys were incredibly aware of the affect of clothes. Jeans and t shirts did not always cut it for them. The more I hung out with them, the more I started being aware of how I dressed.

Slowly I started implementing more feminine pieces and explored new styles. I bought blouses and cardigans for starters. Dresses were the next, and then skirts and shorts in that order. Now, I don’t mind wearing feminine items. I am able to mix and match my lazy looking attire with what I wear now. It’s still my own style and my own creativity going into the things I wear. If my friends from my first two years saw me now… they’d be shocked.

I gotta say though that losing weight for me helped me get comfortable in my skin. But I also became highly aware of what compliments my body and what doesn’t. I don’t buy pieces that I won’t ever wear, even if I’m just experimenting. I have to make sure these pieces can be worn and will be worn with what I have.

I still haven’t really gotten into the world of jewelry and clothes yet, but with with my previous job I managed to learn a lot and was able to play with different pieces. I still don’t like the idea of having too much jewelry on and because I am allergic to costume jewelry, I have to be very careful.


Now, style isn’t always just the clothes you wear and the jewelry you find to go with it. It can also mean the makeup you wear. I have become increasingly interested in makeup and have found it to be my hobby (in case you haven’t noticed. haha). In my first years of university, I wore makeup but more as a way to hide my imperfections than really to make a statement. Slowly, I began gaining interest in makeup again and started trying to learn more and advance my skills (this is really thanks to my friend Diana, who got me to join Mary Kay).

Now, I have found it a way for it to not just hide the imperfections on my skin, but a way to be able to express myself. I am still learning and still trying out products. I am excited to build my style more and as I get older, I feel more comfortable in what I like and what what looks good not only on my body but my facial features. So the advice I give for my fellow “Comfort over Style” people is experiment. Don’t think you have to compromise comfort. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR STILETTOS AND DRESSES every day to look chic, but also don’t get me wrong IT’S TOTALLY OKAY TO HAVE SWEATS AND HOODIES DAYS.




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