Being Single: Rocking The Boat

I guess I’m turning this topic into a series here on my blog…. since I’m persuaded to write about it a lot to vent. So anything to do with singleness will be under the category of “Being Single”. I have already written two blogs about this topic already. You can click Here and Here.

People lately have been trying to rock my boat. Not in the sense of a guy coming to rock my boat, but other people’s push to get my out of my boat of content if you will. As most who have read my previous two blogs in this series know, I am always flooded with questions about my lack of love life and concerns for my lack of a man in my life.

When people come to “rock my boat” these days, it’s people who turn specific men into topics of conversation. Sometimes it’s not even in a discreet manner. Most are blatantly open about the person they’re curious about. For example:

“What do you think about (insert name)?” “You should give (insert name) a chance.” “Would you ever find yourself interested in (insert name)?” “Do you really not find (insert type or race) attractive?”

I understand. No one in my circle has ever seen me with anybody. Those at my church see me in groups with friends or just with my family. They see that if I’m conversing with a guy, it’s most likely just in passing as I’m always running around. I just don’t think it’s necessary to try to shove the idea of a certain person in my face.

I’m more traditional in my thinking about dating. What does that mean? It means that I will not ask anyone out nor will I go out of my way to make my feelings known. I mean I will not go up to a guy and blatantly tell him I have feelings for him. It’s not in me to do that nor does that fall under me guarding my heart (Proverbs 4:23). Also, I don’t take anyone’s word if they say so-and-so has feelings for me. Reason is if the person wants my attention, he needs to do some work.

I do admit though that I’m also somewhat naive when it comes to someone showing me with actions. Actually maybe not naive as just plain oblivious. Actions can speak louder than words, but many times you need words to confirm actions. I don’t like the idea of having any misunderstanding. So if he wants to let me know, it’s words and actions for me. It can’t be one or the other and this is something that friends and family don’t understand about me, but that is probably a post all by itself.

All I’m saying is basically, GO TELL HIM WHAT YOU THINK! If someone comes to me to suggest someone, they’ve gone to the wrong person. You can attempt to spark my interest in so-and-so but if that person has no interest in me or no intention to tell me himself, it’ll remain as a fantasy for the one suggesting it. No matter how people try to rock my boat, I’m going to fight to keep it steady. I’m going to make sure I continue on my single journey content with what I have (or don’t have) in my love life. I’ve worked hard to get to this point in my life where I don’t feel the need to have someone in my life to be happy. Instead of pressuring me and rocking my boat, people need to applaud a woman who is content in her singleness and working hard for the Kingdom of God.

I know that when God doesn’t allow something to happen it is because He has someone else in mind. It could even be someone better. When I don’t have anyone right now in my horizon, I know God is still saying neither one of us is ready and therefore He is still working to get us ready to work together for what He has planned. I know that when the right one comes along, he will make the moves. He will approach me and say something. He will not send his friends or my friends to tell me he has caught feelings. He will be a man after God’s heart first and then a man after my heart.

Until then, my journey alone continues…


Here’s a song I really like though I don’t ask myself this question anymore. 🙂 Enjoy! Obsessed with Coffeeboy at the moment… Check him out!


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