Mini Web Series: Secret Message

You all know if I find something I thoroughly enjoy, I’ll share it with everyone! Whether it be here on my blog or on my youtube or instagram, those who follow will know about it. Can we talk about this web series for a little bit? Can we? Can we? Well… yes we will.

If you’ve haven’t been living under a rock, you would have known that T.O.P or Choi Seung Hyun had recently (at least to me it seems like it was just a couple months ago. 😅) alluded to working on a drama. That drama is this mini web series. This drama of course stars him and also Ueno Juri as the main leads. This cast are as follows:


This drama is interesting and not at all like what you would imagine kdramas to be. First, it is a cross of Korean and Japanese. The language barrier also holds no real significance to how the leads feel, but does mean a lot to the overall storyline. Second, it’s pretty much a full PP drama. The main lead regardless of the people acting in it is Line, a chatting app similar to KakaoTalk. It is in every episode and constantly shown. Third, production-wise it is made in a more indie sense. I love how it was shot! I know that this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there was something more intriguing about the storyline edited the way it was. I found myself diving more into the story, but of course it is all subjective. Those who are diehard Korean Drama fans with all the bells and whistles might not necessarily enjoy this, but I LOVED IT! Finally fourth, the love story in this drama is a bit unconventional to Kdramas. It is a love story that happens without them knowing what the other looks like. It is falling in love through a connection of relating to each other and helping each other. It’s not like kdramas in that in the dramas (I’m generalizing a bit) they think the person is good looking or because of hateful banter they become lovers. It was refreshing to me.

The acting here is amazing. There is nothing the left me wanting more. The characters had great chemistry and although it was awkward to watch Juri recall her lover and the painful memories in the beginning, once you found out why she was acting that way you understood the pain and guilt she felt. It was interesting to see Woo-Hyun go through his own painful memories and see how he was trying to mend himself in that sense.

It would’ve been nice for this to be a full blown drama. Of course I love details and because of the type of drama this was it was more to the point. I want to see what happens to them after the last scene. I’m trying not to spoil things, but if you have watched it you know what I mean. It kind of left it at a cliffhanger for me.

Anyway, I loved it! I recommend this web series if you love the aspect of love and the human condition. I recommend it to anyone who just loves Seung Hyun. 🙋❤️ It’s a good wind down series, so you won’t find yourself too stressed. Definitely worth the watch.

Until next time~!!




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